Medical Services Eligibility

Who Qualifies to See a Volunteer Doctor?

  • Working people and their families who can meet financial eligibility guidelines.
  • Must provide proof of no health insurance.
  • Must be looking for employment. Will receive a 5-month automatic eligibility.

Who Does Not Qualify?

  • People who receive Medicaid
  • People who receive Medicare
  • People who receive disability
  • People who are involved in a lawsuit involving a medical issue
  • People who do not work



Dental Services Eligibility

Who Qualifies to See a Volunteer Dentist?

  • A patient of either the medical clinic or the community pharmacy
  • Veterans who meet financial eligibility guidelines and do not have routine dental coverage.



Pharmacy Services Eligibility

Who Qualifies for the Community Pharmacy?

  • Unemployed persons
  • Homeless persons referred by a social service agency
  • Residents of a drug and alcohol treatment facility
  • Special needs children
  • Persons experiencing an emergency situation
  • Persons who are in the “donut hole” of the Part D Prescription Drug Program of Medicare
  • Persons receiving disability
  • Persons who receive Medicare A & B but have no prescription drug coverage